Top 5 Romantic Movies of Bollywood

June 03, 2019

One of the most important genre in Bollywood is Romance and some of the romantic movies have marked their legacy with love and remained evergreen till date. Lets pick some of those popular love stories of bollywood:


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge popularly known as DDLJ is a 1995 romantic drama film starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in the lead roles. It is directed by Aditya Chopra and is one of the most successful films made in Indian cinema with 10 film fare awards to its name. The plot revolves around the lives of Raj Malhotra (Shahrukh Khan) and Simran Singh (Kajol). Simran while on her Europe trip, meets Raj and over the course of her trip, they happen to fall in love with each other only to find out that Simran’s father, Chaudhary Baldev Singh ( played by Amrish Puri) has arranged her marriage with his friend’s son Kuljeet Singh (Parmeet Sethi). How Raj and Simran manage to overcome these obstacles in the way of their love is the crux of the film. The film was also universally acclaimed for its melodious music composed by Jatin Lalit.

Jaane tu ya jaane na

One of the remarkable films of Bollywood in the romantic genre is Jaane tu ya jaane na (2008) which was written and directed by Abbas Tyrewala.  The film’s plot is centred around the friendship of Jai Singh Rathore, played by Imran Khan, and Aditi Mahant, played by Genelia D’souza. Jai and Aditi who happen to be best friends since college, are certain that there’s nothing between them beyond a good platonic friendship. However things get complicated when Jai falls in love with Meghna (Manjari Phadnis) and Aditi is engaged to Sushant Modi (Ayaz Khan) who is the son of her father’s friend. It is only then that Jai and Aditi are compelled to reconsider the nature of their friendship. With 4 film fare awards to its name, the film was widely popular amongst the youth and was also acclaimed for its soulful music composed by A.R. Rahman.

Chalte chalte

Aziz Mirza’s Chalte Chalte (2003) is a romantic drama film starring Shahrukh Khan and Rani Mukherji. The film’s storyline revolves around the relationship of Raj Mathur (played by Shahrukh Khan) and Priya Chopra (played by Rani Mukherji). Unlike most Bollywood films which end with the protagonist getting married to his love interest and the audience is made to assume that from there on the couple lived happily ever after…, the plot of  Chalte Chalte focuses on the issues, difficulties and ego clashes arising after marriage which makes it a far more realistic film than most romantic films made in Bollywood.  The film was recipient of 5 film fare nomination and was also acclaimed for the music composed by Jatin Lalit and Adesh Shrivastava.


Saathiya is a 2003 romantic drama film directed by Shaad Ali with Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukherji in the lead roles.  Most of the film’s storyline happening in flashback, it revolves around the lives of Aditya Sehgal (Vivek Oberoi) and Suhani Sharma (Rani Mukherji) who come from two contrasting family backgrounds. It also focuses on the issues and complexities in a couple’s relationship that arise after their marriage. Winning six film fare awards, it is unarguably one of the finest romantic films made in Bollywood. Saathiya is also remembered for its soulful music which was composed by A.R. Rahman

2 States

Directed by Abhishek Varman, 2 States (2014) is a light hearted Romantic film starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The story, based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel of the same name, revolves around Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) who come across each other while studying at the IIM Ahmedabad.  Krish and Ananya develop liking for each other despite their contrasting cultural family backgrounds. Will they manage to overcome the social obstacles and convince their families to approve their relationship is the crux of the movie. 2 States is one of the most successful films made in Bollywood with eight film fare awards to its name.


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