Bollywood’s most memorable recent moments – Behind the scenes

April 02, 2019

‘You never know till you shoot it’ seems hold true while making a film, and rightly so. Film-making is a constantly adaptive process with directors making adjustments till the scene is finally shot. We take a look at a few such memorable moments in the past few years and the story behind those final scenes.

Dangal (2016)

The movie will be known for all round great performances, a great screenplay and storyline. However, one moment in the movie has an especially interesting story behind it.

When the scene was originally planned, it was meant to be in private with only Mahavir Singh Phogat and Geeta and Babita in the scene. In the scene, Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Shaikh’scharacters end up wrestling in order to prove their previous argument about whose grip technique is right. Needless to say, Mahavir has the upper hand and proves himself right.

But as filming of the scene began the crew realised that the scene would set a bigger tone to the story and building of characters if this embarrassment of being proved wrong happened in front of the other kids. Before shooting the scene, Aamir walked up to Director, NiteshTiwarito tell him that she’s going to fall hard on the ground. Aamir ended up slamming her on the ground which made Nitesh jump off his seat!


Udta Punjab (2016)

Sometimes a memorable scene changes the entire story of the movie. If you’re familiar with the movie, you’ll remember the scene when Mary Jane sees Tommy beaten up in the street. She picks up a glass bottle and starts beating up the gang. However, during shooting this scene, Director, AbhishekChaubey, decided that Alia Bhatt’s character should be a hockey player, with the following explanation – Since Hockey is a popular sport in Punjab and is prevalent in street fights, it was only natural that the goons beating up Tommy in the street would be using hockey sticks. Mary would have to wield the hockey stick like a professional while beating the goons with their own weapon, so it’s only natural to make her a hockey player.

Om Shanti Om (2007)

An audience favourite, Om Shanti Om had a number of memorable scenes. But few can top the over the top fight scene which Shah Rukh Khan made his own. While shooting the scene, Director, Farah Khan – a self-confessed fan of bad movies remembered a tiger being used in a fight scene in a movie titled, Tarzan 303. She spoke to her brother, Sajid about something being missing in the scene and called for the tiger to be delivered on set the following day. During the take, Shah Rukh Khan, while fighting the tiger, improvised the dialogue, ‘Naughty pussy’ and thus, the scene was placed in the list of iconic scenes.

Kapoor and Sons (2016)

Who can forget the epic argument scene from the movie. The family quarrelling about a number of things, with a helpless plumber caught in the middle of it all. Director ShakunBatra revealed that the first drafts of the scene didn’t have the plumber in it. However, he felt it was dry and needed an outsider to take the edge off the scene to bring a little lightness to it. He didn’t want to rely on cinematic tools like lighting, lensing and music to enhance the scene, but rather portray the scene as if it was happening in real life with a real life situation in the background.

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