10 Funny Thoughts While Watching Movies That Every Movie Buff Gets

January 31, 2019

If you are a super enthusiastic movie buff just like us, you cannot deny the fact that throughout the movie there are thoughts running inside your brain, imagining the unimaginable!

Here’s our list of the 10 Funny Thoughts While Watching Movies That Every Movie Buff Gets:


Imagining yourself dating the lead hero

Ladies, let’s admit it. We have all been secretly wishing for it at some point or the other. Especially if you are watching a romantic movie, this thought is bound to occur in your mind!


Silently laughing at the ones who do not get the joke!

It’s when you are watching a comedy movie and there is this hilarious joke that splits you into laughter while the ones around do not react to it at all! We know what a movie buff like you would do in such a situation! You are silently judging your neighbor’s poor sense of humor!


Imagining a real-life horror situation with you

If you are a movie buff you would probably relate to this! Be it any horror movie you will surely imagine yourself being stuck in a similar situation and how heroically you defeat the ghost!


Wearing the KJo style college outfits to your college

If you have seen movies like SOTY and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, you have probably thought how cool it would be if your college peeps had a similar taste of fashion. You have probably imagined attending the class wearing a shimmery one-piece, haven’t you?


Over analyzing every scene

Duh! Watching a comedy-action Bollywood movie and not criticizing those action scenes is just next to impossible if you are true movie buff!


Developing a grudge against the villain in your head

This one is so relatable isn’t it! Although the actor is just playing a character in the film in your head you have already cursed him like a 100 times for troubling your favorite character!


Thinking about what you will order at the interval

Food is a must for any movie buff! And no matter how good the movie is, thinking what you will eat at the interval is a thought that ponders in your head probably even before the movie has started!


Thinking to change your movie screen during the interval

While we all hate watching a bad film, watching it is a complete nightmare for a movie buff. We are sure you would be cursing your choice and secretly wishing to crash into the other screen during the interval!


Living the character

This happens when you are watching a film that has a great storyline! You start imagining yourself as the character and in fact are repeating all the dialogues in your head.


You imagine going on a fun vacation with your gang

You just cannot deny this one! Movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Veere Di Wedding force us to imagine how cool it would be if we went on a similar vacation with our gang!

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