The worst movies of the 2000s

Over the years, Bollywood has churned out movies that have inspired us, touched us and some that blew our minds with an overdose of awesome! Unfortunately, not all films can make it to that elite set. Here are just a few movies (believe us when we say that this is just the tip of the iceberg) that made our palms hit our face in disappointment, frustration and anguish. Haan...Maine BhiPyaarKiya (2001) After two super hits in the box-office, DharmeshDarshan’s luck ran out. Dharmesh’s effort to revisit an old classic, Ek Hi Bhool threw up unfavourable results. The film is filled with disappointments. Right from the below par acting performances to the sleep inducing soundtrack very little works for the movie. The torturously long melodrama stars Karisma Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar in one of his dullest roles ever. Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lage (2002) We’re sure we all agree that life is filled with highs and lows. But Hrithik Roshan’s low came immediately after his highly successful debut in Kahi Naa…Pyaar Hai. The film, packed with awful performances, a list led by Ameesha Patel does very little to win over the audience as they go through the mind-numbing plot, we’re sure no one is proud of. Boom (2003) A film that was expected to break the mold, banking on the superstar power of Amitabh Bachchan and the on screen sizzle of the undeniably super-hot trio - Madhu Sapre, Padma Lakshmi and Katrina Kaif. The plot goes uncontrollably in a downward spiral and turns out to be a skin-shop with forgettable performances. Kisna: The Warrior Poet (2005) This one comes with a warning right in the title. The famed showman, SubhashGhai’s attempt at a romance film falls hard on its face. The audience is presented with scene after scene of dated dialogues and a forced romance between our hero Kisna and his love interest, Katherine. Vivek Oberoi’s forgettable performance is complemented with the completely unexptected and out of place gymnastics of Isha Sharvani. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (2007) No list of worst film plots is complete without this classic. This film, if nothing else, is a great example of how not to make a film. Some of the industry’s best known and celebrated talents come together to put together a film reel to teach aspiring actors how not to act. Enough has been said about it before, so we’ll refrain from throwing more mud on it. If you’re one of the few who has actually watched it, you have our sympathy. Love Story 2050 (2008) If this is what the future is going to be like, we really hope we don’t get there. Forget the plot, nothing works for this film. Right from Priyanka Chopra’s tacky red hair to the hideous pink teddy bear on her back, from Boman Irani’s wannabe Einstein performance to the cheesily designed futuristic sets – this film is not something that should be passed on to the next generation.    

Best and worst movies inspired by books

It’s no secret that Bollywood films get inspiration from the most unexpected place. Over the years novels and famous written literature has attracted an increasing number of eyeballs of directors and producers as storylines for their next blockbuster. It’s safe to say that language is not a deterrent for filmmakers as we’ve seen books of various languages being adapted for the silver screen. Whether the film managed to live-up to the expectations of the book is something we’ll leave to you. Let’s take a look at a few Bollywood movies that have been adapted from or in part inspired by books.   The Accidental Prime Minister (2018) We don’t have to look back very far for this first movie. The controversial release late 2018 attracted attention for many reasons. But did you know that this political drama is based on a novel of the same name? This, Hindi adaptation is director Vijay RatnakarGutte’s debut. The novel, as well as the movie, is a memoir of SanjayaBaru, who was the former Prime Minister’s advisor in 2014. The Prime Minister’s role of Manmohan Singh is ably played by AnupamKher while AkshayeKhanna puts in a great acting performance in the role of Baru.   Raazi (2018) Again, we look back to 2018 for our next movie, Raazi. This blockbuster thriller is based on writer Harinder Singh’s debut novel named ‘Calling Sehmat: A Novel’. The book too takes inspiration from real-life incidents of an Indian-Kashmiri spy during the 1999 war in Kargil. The story however is based in 1971 and is pure fiction. The story follows the life of a woman spy who passes on important information about the Pakistani Army’s plans, and other important information to the Indian Army, during the India-Pakistan war. Singh drew inspiration for the novel when he met an Indian Army Officer in Kargil whose mother was a Kashmiri-Muslim spy who was married off to a Pakistani Army Officer. MeghnaGulzar directs this gripping piece of cinema starring Alia Bhatt and VikyKaushal.   Haider (2014) Let’s travel a little back in time to 2014 and take a look at the ShahidKapoor starrer and it’s inspiration, the famous Shakespere play, Hamlet. Director Vishal Bharadwaj uses the concept of the play and adds an Indian angle to it. Similar to the play, the entire film is based on the lead going crazy due to his father’s death and is in search of revenge. The movie is set in the 90s and placed beautifully in the snow of Kashmir.                                 Thugs of Hindostan (2018) The movie created a lot of curiosity before its release with exciting and promising promotions, but disappointed in the box office. For this one, we go back to 1839, and an English novel from that year called Confessions of a Thug by Philip Meadow Taylor. The movie is based on the ‘thuggie’ cult, the name given to pirates of the region during the British Rule. Stories state that travellers were extremely afraid of being attacked by these groups, even stating that Queen Victoria spoke about these ‘thugs’ who robbed travelers and even murdered them for money. The movie follows a story of crime and retribution with Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starring in the lead roles. The movie also stars Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shiekh of Dangal fame.

Movies That Every Working Woman Should Watch

Real-life inspiration can often be found in the most unexpected places. In today’s day and age, women still face multiple problems and challenges. This is most evident in the modern workplace where women are seen working harder than most in order to get recognition and be rewarded. Over the years, Bollywood has told us a number of inspirational stories of women fighting the odds and coming out on top, not just in the corporate world, but in all walks of life. Be inspired by the strong and steadfast characters in these must watch movies for working women. Astitva (2000) image source - Shattering the concept of patriarchy prevalent in Indian society, this Mahesh Manjrekar film, starring Tabu is one of the first modern-era Bollywood film to address the issue. This pro-feminist drama puts across a strong message of women empowerment and aims to educate the audience that a woman’s role in the world extends beyond just being a wife and a mother. This breakthrough film broke every stereotype that Bollywood had created had created before. Queen (2014) No list is complete without this one. This runaway hit paved the way for millions of women to believe in themselves and stand for their individuality. Kangana Ranaut found herself becoming an icon of women empowerment after playing the role of Rani, a naïve and introvert girl who faced public embarrassment after her fiancé called off their wedding. She didn’t let society dictate what was expected of her and pursued a solo journey through Europe to find her true self. Rani embodies every woman we know. Our mothers, sisters, wives, maids and even the stranger on the road. Phir Milenge (2004) Inspired and Indianised from the Hollywood film, Philadelphia, Revathi makes a strong feminist stand in a subtle and classy manner. The protagonist, Tamanna, played by Shilpa Shetty is a successful woman in advertising till she loses her job due to social stigma against an illness she suffers from. What follows is an inspiring story of Tamanna fighting for her her rights and for what’s right. English Vinglish (2012) A lesson in self-confidence and independence, English Vinglish follows the life of Gauri, portrayed perfectly by the late Sridevi as she takes on the challenges and encounters of a foreign land. She breaks out of her shell, becomes self-reliant and surprises her family with her new found skills and poise. Dor (2006) Nagesh Kukunoor beautifully portrays the struggles and hardships women face in all facets of life. This critically acclaimed film follows the story of two women, brought together by fate to fight the shackles of out-dated traditions, social expectations and supressed individual freedoms. This heart-warming story stars Ayesha Takia and Gul Panag with Shreyas Talpade playing support to the female leads.    

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