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Meet & Greet With Bumrah



Terms and Conditions


Promotion Details, Concept and Participation

1.1.    Inox Leisure Ltd (collectively “Organizer”) will conduct a lucky draw promotion during the period commencing from 03rd November 2021 to 30th November 2021, (“Promotion Period”) under the name of Meet & Greet”to promote sale of   Toofani Combo which comprise of 1 Popcorn Large + 1 Nacho + 2 Soft Drink Large   (“Promotional Products”) within the territory as specified under the terms and conditions set out below (“Promotion”).

1.2.      The Promotion comprises of a lucky draw (“Lucky Draw”), which shall be conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned below.By participating  in  this  Promotion,  the  Eligible Persons as per Clause 5 (each a “Participant”) accepts  and  agrees  to  abide  by  these  terms  and conditions of the Promotion (“Promotion Terms”).

1.3      The Promotion shall be valid for the individuals residing in India except for the state of Tamil Nadu (“Promotion Territory”).

1.4.       Interested individuals being citizen(s) of India who are aged 18 years and above are eligible to participate in the Promotion by purchasing the Promotional Products. This Promotion is only limited to the Promotional Products as specified in the present Promotion.

1.5.      During the Promotion Period and subject to the terms and conditions of this Promotion, Participants will get an opportunity to attend a Meet & greet session with either Jasprit Bumrah or Mohammed Siraj (“Meet & Greet” or “Prize”).  A Participant is eligible to win the Prize, only once and as per the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion.

1.6.      Stocks without the Promotion offer will also be available with the Organizer. Further, certain stock of the Promotional Product containing the Promotion offer may be available before commencement of the Promotion Period or continue to be available even after the Promotion Period. However, Participants understand and agree that they will not be permitted to participate in the Promotion after the expiration or prior to start of the Promotion Period and further, agree not to raise any claim or complaint against the Organizer or its agents/authorized representatives in this respect.

1.7.      The Promotion may be advertised and promoted, inter alia, through digital media banners, print, website and other available media.

1.8.      The Promotion is subject to all applicable central, state and local laws and regulations.

1.9.      These Promotion terms and conditions (“Terms”) will be hosted at www.inoxmovies.com  (“Promotion Website”).


Organizer and Partners

 2.1   This Promotion is conducted by the Organizer, having its corporate office at INOX Leisure Ltd. Viraj Towers, 5th Floor, Next to Andheri Flyover, Western Express Highway, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400093, India

  2.2     Coca-Cola India Private Limited (“CCIPL”) shall be offering the Prize under the Promotion.

 2.3  The computerized random selection of winner for this Promotion will be in the presence of a senior finance personnel of the Organizer. ).


Deemed acceptance of terms and conditions

               3.1.     Entry and participation in this Promotion will be deemed as an unconditional and an unequivocal acceptance of these Terms, including any modifications, revisions and amendments thereto.


               3.2.     The decisions of Organizer, shall be final and binding on the Participants in all matters related to the Promotion.


               3.3.      Further, the Participants recognize that these Terms may be modified by Organizer or CCIPL from time to time without any prior/public notice by posting the applicable terms and conditions on the Promotion Website. Organizer also reserves the right to cancel or terminate the Promotion at any stage without assigning any reasons whatsoever. Successfully entering the Promotion and winning the Prize is subject to all requirements set forth herein.


Promotion Period

   4.1.            This Promotion will commence on 05th November 2021 (“Start Date”) to 30th November 2021 (“End Date”).


    4.2.             The Period between the Start Date and End Date shall be called the “Promotion Period”.


   4.3.       Participants canparticipate in the Promotion during the aforesaid mentioned time and be eligible to win the Prize in accordance with the Terms & Conditions specified herein.


  4.4.     Promotion will be closed for participation after the Promotion Period and Participants will not be eligible to participate in the Promotion after 30th November 2021 under any circumstances.



   5.1  Subject to the criteria of Promotion Territory, entry and participation in this Promotion is open to individuals who satisfy each of the following criteria (“Eligible Persons”):

-             are of the age of 18 (eighteen) years or above.

-             possess all valid documents required for travel as necessary to enable the Winner to travel within India.

-             have not been arrested for or convicted of any crime or been the subject of any criminal investigation.

-             bear a good moral character and have not been implicated or named in any legal proceedings (either Civil or Criminal).

-             are not management, employees, directors or contractors, or the family of the management, employees, directors or contractors of Organizer, its appointed CA, their related entities or other agencies, firms or companies associated with or related to the Promotion.

-             Organizer and its affiliates, service and advertising agencies and their immediate families (spouses, parents, siblings, children and each of their spouses) and household members are not eligible to participate in the Promotion.

-             Have complied with local/state/central guidelines pertaining to covid-19.


   5.2    Please note that any application received from residents of the state of Tamil Nadu for Promotion, shall be declared as null and void and shall not be taken into consideration for the purpose of determining the Winner of the Prize.


   5.3      For the sake of clarity, this Promotion is not open to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs).


   5.4   If any Eligible Person has listed his/her phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry (“NDNC Registry”), he/she shall de-register from the NDNC Registry prior to participating in the Promotion, till the completion of the Promotion (including availing of the Prize (if applicable) under the Promotion). Such persons agree not to make any claim or raise any complaint whatsoever against the Organizer or CCIPL in this respect. Please note that persons intending to participate in the Promotion who have not de-registered themselves from the NDNC Registry shall also have no right to make any claim or raise any complaints against Organizer or CCIPL if they do or do not receive any call or SMS with respect to their application, participation and all other matters pertaining to the Promotion.





Prizes and Winners

    6.1.The Senior Finance Personnel will conduct the Lucky Draw  by 05th December 2021through computerized random selection from amongst the Valid Entries from the participants to select 5 (Five)  eligible winner(s) under the Promotion (“Eligible Winner”).

   6.2 There shall be a total of 1 (one) winners for Lucky Draw Prize under the Promotion.

   6.3 Such Eligible Winner shall then be contacted by the organizer for taking his/her consent to attend the meet & greet session with either Bhumrah or Siraj at such a place & time as intimated by the organizer to the eligible winner atleast 15 days in advance of the meet & greet session.


   6.4 It shall be the sole responsibility of such Participant to procure all relevant documents for the Meet and Greet, in accordance with the Terms of the Promotion. The Organizer will provide to the Participant such necessary documents, if any, required for the purpose of procuring requisite travel documents. 


An Eligible Winner who has obtained the relevant documents  and has fulfilled all other requirements for the purpose of claiming the Prize as outlined herein shall henceforth be designated as “Winner”.


The name of the Winner shall be declared on the Promotion Website.



How to enter the Promotion

      7.1.Participants wishing to enter the Promotion may do so through either of the following routes:


a.  When the participants buy a “TOOFANI Combo’ from INOX, they can opt to participate in the promotion by providing their name & contact details to the INOX staff.

Entry by proxy is not permitted. Participants can only enter in their own name.


 7.2.        The Promotion is only limited to the Promotional Products sold by the Organizer.


 7.3.        Participants are eligible to participate in the Promotion and win Prize in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Promotion by purchasing the Promotional Products.


 7.4.        The Promotion is only limited to the beverages under the brand Toofani Combo,  sold by the Organizer.


 7.5.        However, mere participation in the Lucky Draw does not imply the Participant is selected as a winner of the Prize.


 7.6.        The Organizer has the discretion to observe and reject any incorrect, incomplete, returned, bulk orders.


 7.7.        If the contacted Winner conveys that he/she is not interested in the Promotion any longer, the Winner’s opportunity for the Meet & Greet shall stand forfeited.


 7.8.        Process:

i.                    The Eligible Winner will be contacted total of 3 times, within 2 (two) working days of announcement of results.

ii.                  If the Eligible Winner is not reachable / contactable or suitable response/confirmation is not received from the winner, the Winner’s opportunity to win the Prize shall stand forfeited.

iii.                If the Eligible Winner upon receiving the call, is interested in continuing in the Promotion and is in possession of a valid documents not later than 5 days from the date of receiving the call herein, he/she shall remain eligible for the Prize.


iv.                Travel Arrangement:

Expenses Included:

1.       In case the Winner is not residing in the same city where the Meet and Greet session is planned to take place:

a)Round-trip Flight (economy class)

b)Airport transfers to and from the place of the Meet and Greet session;

c) 3 star Hotel Stay only for one night.

d) Pre-Booked Meals in the hotel

  2. In case the Winner is residing in the same city where the Meet and Greet session is planned to take place:

- Local transport to and from the place of the Meet and Greet session.


Expenses Excluded-

a)      mini bar,

b)      adhoc expenses in hotel,

c)      RT-PCR Test/Antigen test for the purpose of travel.

It is hereby clarified that:

                                i.            Any additional costs beyond the costs included above will be borne by the Winner.

                              ii.            It is the Winners’ responsibility to organize inter-city commute including transport to/from the airport departure/return point.

                            iii.            If the Winner is unable to board the flight for any reason (except in case the flight is cancelled by the airline) CCIPL or the Organizer shall not be responsible for paying any compensation in cash or kind to the Winner and the Winner shall be solely responsible to arrange and pay for his travel to the venue of the Meet and Greet session.

                            iv.            If the Winner is unable to attend the Meet and Greet session for any reason, neither CCIPL nor the Organizer shall be responsible for paying any compensation in cash or kind to such a Winner and in such an eventuality, the Winners’ prize shall stand forfeited.

                              v.            CCIPL shall not be responsible for any other expenses other than herein specified. The Winner agrees that no claims, correspondence or complaints shall be raised against the Organizer or CCIPL in this regard.




  8.1  If the Eligible Winner of this Promotion Activity fails to submit the confirmation and any other verification documents before 7 days, whichever is later, commencing from the date on which declaration of the Eligible Winner is made; no further reminder shall be sent by the Organizer and the right of the Eligible Winner to win  the Prize will stand forfeited.


Conditions relating to Prize

 9.1  The Prize provided will be subject to the inclusions and exclusions mentioned in Clause 7 above.

 9.2  The Winner will be intimated of the date, place and other requisite details of the Meet and Greet sufficiently in advance in order to enable him/her to make all arrangements for the Meet and Greet (if required).

 9.3   If the Winner, for any reason whatsoever, is unable to arrive to the Meet & Greet on a designated date, such Winner’s Prize shall stand forfeited. If the Winner fails to follow the itinerary provided by CCIPL, or fails to follow the government mandated Covid-19 related guidelines/protocols, neither CCIPL nor Organizer shall be liable for any additional expenses, claims, damages or liabilities arising therefrom.

 9.4    Winner is responsible for any additional spending (other than those included as specified in clause 7 above) and any other ancillary costs, including but not limited to any applicable insurance excesses, excess travel luggage and payment in respect of any damage to property or person caused by the Winner.

 9.5   No portion or the whole of the Prize is redeemable for cash. The Prize is not refundable.

 9.6  The Meet and Greet timelines under the Promotion may get impacted due to Covid-19 related restrictions imposed by the local authorities and/or any guidelines issued by the Government.

 9.7  If any Participant has any grievance with respect to the Prize, he/she may directly contact the manufacturer.

 9.8   No request for change in specifications, dates, place, etc. of the Prize shall be entertained.Prizes must be taken as offered and cannot be varied.

 9.9       The image of the Prize depicted on the press ads/posters/TVC's/pack shots etc. are for illustrative purposes only and the actual Prize may vary from the depiction made.




 10.1 The Participants undertake and irrevocably and unconditionally permit the Organizer, or any entity approved by Organizer to cover the Promotion through various media including newspapers, radio, television including news and other channels, internet, point of sale materials, etc., and shall not raise any objection, protest or demur whatsoever to such coverage or in this regard.Further, the Participants also understand and agree that their responses may be publicised as part of this Promotion.

  10.2  Whilst Organizer shall make all reasonable efforts, there is no obligation on the part of Organizer to air any entry.


  10.3   The Winner must, at the request of the Organizer, participate in all promotional activity (such as publicity, photography, videos) surrounding the winning of the Prizes, free of charge, and they consent to the Organizer or any entity approved by Organizer using their name and image in all promotional materials.



Intellectual Property Rights

  11.1  All rights, titles and interests, including but not limited to the Intellectual Property Rights, in the promotional material(s) and in any and all responses received shall vest solely and exclusively with the Organizer at all times.

  11.2   The Organizer or any person or entity permitted by the Organizer in this regard shall be entitled to use any information in connection with the entry in any media for future promotional, marketing, publicity and any other purpose, without any permission and or payment to the Participant.

  11.3  All material submitted in connection with the Promotion (whether written, audio, electronic or visual form, or a combination of those) or any photographs, video and/or film footage and/or audio recording taken of Participants are assigned to the Organizer upon submission and become the property of the Organizer exclusively. Organizer may use the material in any medium in any reasonable manner it sees fit. Copyright in any such material remains the sole property of the Organizer.


General Conditions

  12.1.      Each Participant represents and warrants that he/she is legally competent to enter into binding contracts under applicable laws. By taking part and/or entering this Promotion the Participant warrants that all information provided by him/her regarding his/her name, age, state, city, address, phone number, etc., is true, correct, accurate and complete.


              12.2.        Each Participant is required to provide full and accurate details of his/her name, permanent address, phone number, age and such other details as may be prescribed by the Organizer and it is to be understood that the Prize will be given to the Winner only upon furnishing of the prescribed details and documents to the Organizer (as applicable).


         12.3.       The Organizer may, at any time, verify or authorize verification of the Participant’s entry (including such Participant’s identity, age, place of residence and affiliations) and disqualify any Participant (at any stage of the Promotion) if it is found that such Participant has misrepresented any material fact or submitted an entry or any documents that is inconsistent with these Terms.


         12.4.       The Organizer may, disqualify any Participant if such Participant engages in or it is found that such Participant has engaged in any illegal, unlawful or improper conduct (with regard to the Promotion or otherwise).


           12.5.       The Prize is not redeemable for cash or any monetary benefits in kind.


            12.6.       The Organizer reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, postpone, modify or suspend the Promotion in whole or in part at any time including if, for any reason, the Promotion is not capable of running as planned, including due to any technical failure or any other causes beyond the control of Organizer, and will not be liable for any consequential losses/damages. The Winner and/or Participants agree that no claims or complaints may be raised against the Organizer or CCIPL, in this respect. Any decision of Organizer in this regard and in general with respect to this Promotion and the Terms thereto shall be final, binding and non-contestable.


               12.7.          CCIPL further reserves the right to modify or cancel the Prize offered under this Promotion, at its sole and absolute discretion. The Winner and/or the Participants agree that no claims or complaints whatsoever may be raised against CCIPL in this respect.The Prizes cannot be exchanged and are not transferable or refundable.


              12.8.        The decision of the Organizer shall be final in all regards and no communication shall be entertained in this regard. None of the provisions of these Terms shall be deemed to constitute a partnership or agency between any Participant and the Organizer and the Participant shall not have the authority to bind the Organizer in any manner whatsoever.


             12.9.       Failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy provided hereunder or by law does not constitute a waiver of the right or remedy or waiver of other rights or remedies on the part of Organizer, CCIPL or the Travel Agency.


         12.10.   Winner and Participants undertake not to, at any time, disclose, reveal, communicate or otherwise make public any information relating to the Organizer, their respective business, personnel, servants, agents or officers to anyone.


         12.11.   If a Participant is dissatisfied with the Promotion or the Promotion Terms, his/her sole and exclusive remedy is to not participate in the Promotion.


         12.12.   Please note that neither Organizer, CCIPL or any of its affiliates, representatives, etc shall be responsible for any disruption, disturbance or disconnection in the phone line and all disputes, complaints, claims shall be raised with the telecom service provider only.


          12.13.    These Terms may be altered, modified, amended by the Organizer or CCIPL at its sole and absolute discretion and without any notice to the Winner and/or Participants.


            12.14.    All costs associated or arising in connection with the Prize are the responsibility of the Winner, unless otherwise expressly provided in these Terms.


             12.15.    CCIPL retain the exclusive right to modify, amend or alter the itinerary and schedule of the Meet & Greet including travel dates, place, etc.  


            12.16.     This Promotion cannot be combined or clubbed together with any other Promotion, offer or scheme organized or conducted by the Organizer or its authorized retailer/ outlet.


  12.17.    Decisions of the Organizer are final and binding. All promotional materials relating to this Promotion, including details on how to ratify and claim prizes are part of these conditions on entry.


             12.18.    CCIPL or Organizer will not be liable to perform any of their respective obligations under the Promotion or in respect of the Prize or  to  modify and / or cancel the Promotion/Prize  in its total and to amend the Terms &  Conditions to this Promotion  due to any act or event, unforeseeable, irresistible and beyond their control which shall be considered as a force majeure event and shall include fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood or other weather, unavailability of necessary utilities, war, insurrection, riot, act of God or the public enemy, epidemic, pandemic, law, act, order, proclamation, decree, regulation, ordinance, or instructions of Government or other public authorities or judgment and further shall not be liable to compensate the Winner or the Participants in these circumstances.


 12.19.    Participation in this Promotion confirms acceptance of these conditions of entry and the Organizer’s decision.   


 12.20.    All local laws and regulations apply to this Promotion.(vii)Participants shall follow all directions/rules and regulations (whether communicated in written form or verbally) framed by CCIPL at all times in connection with the Promotion. Any deviation or objection by any Participant(s) may result in their disqualification from the Promotion.


 12.21.    Participants assume liability for any injury/damage or Covid-19 related hospitalization/medical expenses incurred during his/her participation in the Promotion.


 12.22.    The Organizer, CCIPL, its affiliates, and related companies are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury by or to any person in connection with the Promotion.


 12.23.    By participating in the Promotion, the Participant (including winners) hereby consent to the use, display, publication and reproduction of the information relating to the winner including their images, names or likeliness, on the Promotion Website and official social media accounts of the Organizer and the Winner shall not make any claim in respect thereof from the Organizer or third party event agency.


 12.24.    Any cost involved in entering the Promotion by a consumer shall be borne by the particular consumer and shall not be reimbursed by the Organizer.


 12.25.    Entry and participation in the Promotion shall be deemed as an unconditional and unequivocal acceptance of these terms and conditions, in addition to the general terms and conditions and privacy policy on the Promotion Website.


 12.26.    The Organizer, CCIPL disclaims liability for any physical or psychological injury/damage, Covid-19 related hospitalization/medication claimed to have been sustained by a consumer due to the participation in the Promotion. It is hereby clarified that neither CCIPL nor Organizer shall be liable for any expenses, claims, damages, compensation, or liabilities arising therefrom.


 12.27.    If a Participant is dissatisfied with the Promotion or the Promotion Terms, his/her sole and exclusive remedy is to not participate in the Promotion.


The titles to the paragraphs of this document are solely for the convenience of the parties and shall not be used to explain, modify, simplify, or aid in the interpretation of the provisions of this Terms and Condition applicable to this Promotion.



Release and Limitations of Liability

 13.1    By entering the Promotion, the Participants hereby release from and agree to indemnify the Organizer, CCIPL and/ or any of its respective officers/employees from and against all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of the prize or participation in the Promotion including (but not limited to) personal injury and damage to property and whether direct, indirect, consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission, or otherwise.


 13.2    CCIPL shall not be liable for any claim arising out of or related to the Promotion.


 13.3  The Organizer, CCIPL accept no liability, whether jointly or severally, for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of themselves or third parties in relation to the Prize. The Organizer, CCIPL and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, professional advisors, employees and agencies will not be responsible for cancellation of the flights, Meet and Greet due to unforeseeable unavailability of Jasprit Bumrah and/or Mohammed Siraj or any late, lost, misrouted, garbled or distorted or damaged transmissions or entries or documents. The Participants hereby agree that neither CCIPL nor the Organizer shall be liable to pay any compensation in cash or kind if the Prize is cancelled/ modified/forfeited under this Promotion.


 13.4  The Participant(s) shall be solely responsible for any consequences which may arise due to their participation in the Promotion by conducting an illegal act. Participant(s) also undertakes to indemnify the Organizer, CCIPL and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents on the happening of such an event (including without limitation cost of attorney, legal charges etc.) on full indemnity basis for any loss/damage suffered by the Organizer or CCIPL on account of such act on the part of the Participant. Participant(s) hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Organizer and CCIPL in case of any loss or liability (including but not limited to liabilities, judgments, damages, losses, fines and penalties, claims, costs and expenses such as attorneys’ fees and expenses) or any other loss associated with, arising out of or incidental to their ineligibility to participate, any untoward, rash or negligent act on their part, or non-compliance or alleged non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, any other rules, regulations, directives (whether written or verbal) issued by the Organizer from time to time, during the Promotion.


 13.5  To the fullest extent permitted by law, in no event will the Organizer, CCIPL or any of its officers, servants, employees, representatives and/or agents (including without limitation, any third party service providers that the Organizer may engage for purposes of the Promotion), be liable for any loss or damages (including, without limitation loss of income, profits or goodwill, indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive or special damages of any party including third parties) howsoever arising whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, in connection with the Promotion and/or the Promotion Prizes, even if the Organizer or CCIPL has been advised of the possibility of such damages in advance, and all such damages are expressly excluded. The Participant shall indemnify, defend, and hold the Organizer and CCIPL harmless in the event of there being any third party/entity/organization claims arising from or related to his/her participation in the Promotion. In no event shall the Organizer or CCIPL be liable to any Participant for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the Promotion or his/her participation in the Promotion.


 13.6  In consideration of  the Organizer allowing the Participant(s) to take part in the Promotion, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Participant(s) waive and release each and every right or claim, all actions, causes of actions (present or future) each of them has or may have against the Organizer, its respective agents, directors, officers, business associates, group companies, sponsors, employees, or representatives for all and any injuries, accidents, or mishaps (whether known or unknown) or (whether anticipated or unanticipated) arising out of the Promotion or related to the Promotion or the prizes of the Promotion.




 14.1  The courts of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai  shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any and all disputes arising out of, or in connection with, the Promotion.


 14.2 Participation in the Promotion is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these terms and conditions, including without limitation, this clause.


  14.3   Further all issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions, or the rights and obligations of the Participants and/or the Organizer and/or Partners of this Competition, shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India.

City Ongoing Special Pricing
Anand Monday & Tuesday - Rs 60 (till 5:59pm) Rs. 80/100 (6 pm onwards)
Aurangabad Monday & Tuesday - Rs. 60 (till 11.59 am) Rs. 70 (12pm onwards)
Bangalore Forum Value Mall Monday to Thursday - Rs.100/Rs.120 (PR/SL class)
Rs.80/Rs.90 (PR/SL class) For Kannada Movies
Bangalore Jayanagar Tuesday - Rs. 120 (Rs. 90 Kannada Movies)
Bangalore Lido Monday - Rs. 120 (Rs. 90 for Kannada Movies)
Bangalore Magrath Road Tuesday - Rs.120/Rs.140 (Ex / Cl) (Rs.90 Kannada Movies)
Bangalore – Malleshwaram Monday & Tuesday - Rs. 100 (Rs. 80 Kannada Movies)
Wednesday & Thursday Rs. 150 (till 5:59 pm) Rs. 170 (6 pm onwards)
Bangalore Shankarnag Monday to Thursday Rs. 90, 110 & 160
Belgaum Monday to Thursday - Rs. 90 (Rs. 70 for Kannada Movies)
Bhopal Tuesday & Wednesday - Rs. 99 (12pm onwards)
Bharuch Shalimar Tuesday & Thursday - Rs. 80
Burdwan Wednesday - Rs. 70
Darjeeling Tuesday - Rs. 70
Faridabad Wednesday - Rs. 110
Indore Central Mall Monday to Thursday - Rs. 60 (till 2.59pm) Rs. 90 (3 pm onwards)
Indore Sapna Sangeeta Mall Tuesday - Rs. 60 (till 2.59 pm) Rs. 90 (3pm onwards)
Jaipur Space Monday to Thursday - Rs.80/100(till 11.59 am) Rs. 100/120 (12 pm omwards)
Kanpur Tuesday - Rs. 80/100 (till 11:59 am) Rs. 100 (12 pm onwards)
Kolkata Swabhumi Monday to Thursday - Flat Rs. 80
Kolkata Forum Monday to Thursday - Rs. 120 (10 pm onwards)
Kolkata South City Mall Monday to Thursday - Rs. 120 (10 pm onwards)
Kolkata Quest Mall Monday to Thursday - Rs. 120 (10 pm onwards)
Kolkata City Centre Monday to Thursday - Rs. 100 (10 pm onwards)
Kolkata Hind Monday to Thursday - Rs. 100 (10 pm onwards)
Kolkata Rajarhat Monday to Thursday - Rs. 80 (10 pm onwards)
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Tuesday - Rs. 50 (till 11:59 am) Rs. 80 (12 pm onwards)
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