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4th Anniversary Celebration of INOX Malleshwa..

- Apr, 25 2014

4th Anniversary Celebration of INOX Malleshwaram at Banglore....

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'Apur Panchali' Premiere

- Apr, 24 2014

'Apur Panchali' Premiere...

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`Kaanchi` star visit at INOX.

- Apr, 21 2014

`Kaanchi` star visit at INOX....

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'2 States' star visit at INOX

- Apr, 09 2014

'2 States' star visit at INOX...

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INOX, Bhopal 1st Anniversary.

- Mar, 30 2014

INOX, Bhopal 1st Anniversary....

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4th Anniversary Celebrations at Vizag

- Mar, 17 2014

4th Anniversary Celebrations at Vizag...

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Past Events

'Dedh Ishqiya' Trailer LaunchNov, 25 2013

Star Visit of BOSS at INOX Poonam Mall, NagpurOct, 09 2013

6th Anniversary celebration at INOX RaipurAug, 17 2013

INOX INDORE, Central Mall 4th Anniversary celebratJul, 24 2013

'Duniyadari' Star Visit at INOX Korum Mall.Jul, 21 2013

INOX Belgaum 03rd Anniversary CelebrationJun, 10 2013

Star visit of Anumati at INOX Pune, Bund GardenJun, 02 2013

Star visit of Shooutout at Wadala at INOX Pune, Bund GardenMay, 20 2013

INOX Malleshwaram celebrates 3 years.Apr, 24 2013

Prem Mhanje Prem Mhanje Prem Asta! starvisit at INApr, 20 2013


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